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Released & Available

For families and friends of patients with cancer.

In English 🇬🇧🇺🇸

the book's official webpage

Foreword by: Prof. 
Peter Goldstraw, past President IASLC 

Provocative book reveals widespread abuse of cancer patients' rights.

Should all patients be informed when they have been diagnosed with cancer? If the answer is “yes,” then Who should break the bad news to them? And How is such frightening news best delivered? How much of the truth can a patient handle?

“A valuable plea for honesty between medical professionals and their patients.” — Kirkus Reviews

Paperback ISBN 978-1977834744
edition ISBN 978–618–83380–0–5
Apple Books / ePub edition ISBN 978-618-83380-1-2

Released & Available

Mathematical Expression of it Needed.

ISBN 978-960-93-7835-2

In English 🇬🇧🇺🇸

the ebook's official webpage

Modern Medicine desperately needs an absolute theoretical (logarithmic or exponential) basis to mathematically quantify the Significance of medical digital information (or data) that are stored in each patient’s digital records, to establish some necessary hierarchy or order in a way... 



the Greek ebook's official webpage in English

Provocative book reveals widespread abuse of cancer patients' rights.

Original title:

Δικαίωμα στην Αλήθεια

in favour of Greek Language being Supported by Amazon / kindle (ebooks)

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